Thursday, August 29, 2013

Presenting "Acceleration" , This one isn't a joke video.

Well here we go :)



Length 14:21

Ships flown: Tormentor, Breacher, Merlin,Malediction,Firetail

Music: Youtube mix might change if they kill the audio

TV On The Radio -Satellite
Gorillaz- Kids With Guns
Joe Bonamassa- When The Fire Hits the Sea
Father Focus Confucius- Flood

Spent most my eve career mashing F1 or ship spinning, this past year I finally set out to try and become a better solo pilot. I'm quickly learning that knowing stuff in concept is one thing, applying it is quite another. But practice makes perfect right?
Probably not in my case :). Not a whole lot of awesome pvp here just a few clips of me flying badly, so don't expect much.

Any feedback be it positive or negative would be appreciated.
That aside a donation of isk or ships would be be perfectly fine with me to [;)]

Hope you enjoy.
Dong Orson.

P.S. CCP please ban stabs and cloaks in FW plexes